If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

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Pricing Options

Team vs Team games:

With rental gear:

45 lv per person, per hour

With personal gear:

10 lv per person, per hour

Tactical missions (per 3 rounds):

AEG:   40 lv per person ;
Pistol:   45 lv per person ;
GBBR:   50lv per person ;

Shooting range prices:

15 shots with GBB Pistol 5 lv
30 shots with AEG rifle7 lv
20 shots with GBBR rifle 15 lv

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Tyre Corner

Prepare yourself for hardest times on this playground. Improve your tactical skills.

Rocky Desert

Rocks, dirt and enemies everywhere!

The Jungle

Lots and lots of places to hide... and to catch a bullet from! Full of greenery, this is the best place to test your camouflage skills!

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